Do you have a project that you want to make into a published work?  We want to have a look at what you have to share. If you are interested in submitting a book proposal to us, please bear in mind that we publish in the following areas: art, photography, architecture, fashion and culture. We can’t promise that it will be selected, but we can guarantee that we have a deep and meaningful look at the work and get back to you with in 14 days of your project content submission. If we find your project to be a good fit for us we will request a PDF of your work and more details on your project.  So send us your idea!

Please send a short description / outline of your project in English about your project. (500 word Limit)
Do you have a current data base of possible buyers of your project? If so what is the total number where are they located. Facebook, Twitter., Personal Data Base etc.